The Beginning

The vision for a product factory really came to company co-founder, John Janzen, over the course of dozens of consulting gigs across the country in the mid-to-late ‘90’s.

Custom, one-off products rarely seemed to satisfy customer needs. The complexity of interpreting business problems and designing the perfect application seemed an engagement fraught with difficulty before the first line of code was written.

Wouldn’t it be better if a stable code base could be designed, reused and then modified for similar problems across multiple industries?

Building the Foundation

In early 2001, Maplewood entertained the first project that would become the foundation of the StaffReady platform. Sacred Heart Medical Center of Spokane, WA was hoping Maplewood could customize their restaurant staff scheduling product to meet their complex scheduling needs in the hospital pharmacy. While some code segments had shown up in earlier projects, this was the first time the company formed a specific product for a business need with the intent to resell the application.

Over the next fifteen years, the cloud-based StaffReady platform went through multiple iterations, revisions, version and brand changes. New products such as InspectionReady were added while others were abandoned. This refining process has resulted in an incredibly stable and robust reusable code base for the current and future development of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.

Today and Tomorrow

Today, the StaffReady platform has over 150 medical centers and institutions utilizing one of their solutions with thousands of individual users logging in each day from across the globe. Distinguished accounts include multi-site hospital systems, standalone hospital labs, genomics labs, university and children’s hospitals labs and pharmacies, and all sizes of references laboratories.

In order to ensure the best delivery possible, Maplewood also created a new subsidiary, StaffReady, to house the StaffReady platform. This is the first of many businesses with the intent to have a staff and business model focused solely on a product and market without distraction.

The dream of a better future for business application development and delivery has been realized in StaffReady, the product and the company. We’re proud to be a part of a better future.