Pharmacy OneSource
& Maplewood

Helping pharmacies work smarter

From 2002 through 2006, Maplewood developed and delivered the first web-based staff scheduling software application that was specific to the pharmacy market. The application was branded as ScheduleRx.

Pharmacies deal with staff scheduling issues that are complex and unique to pharmacies. Until ScheduleRx, most pharmacies used a combination of paper and spreadsheets to manage staff schedules.

These manual tools never took into account the complexity of skill-specific shifts, 24/7 coverage, and multiple floors and locations needing coverage, not to mention the coordination and communication of scheduling needs and changes with the staff themselves.

Pharmacy OneSource, the recognized leader

By 2006, Pharmacy OneSource was and continues to be a dominant cloud-based solution provider in the pharmacy market. Their customers were loyal to their products but kept asking the company if they could solve another one of their complex problems: staff scheduling management.

Through a mutual client connection, Maplewood and Pharmacy OneSource were introduced in 2006, and realized they had mutually aligned strengths and business goals. The ScheduleRx and Pharmacy OneSource brands were a natural fit, allowing for the speedy adoption of a much-needed product across a wide sales distribution network. Pharmacy OneSource acquired the rights to ScheduleRx and has tremendously expanded the customer base of this niche solution.

StaffReady and Pharmacy OneSource today

Pharmacy OneSource continues to be the sole distributor in the pharmacy market of the newly-branded StaffReady Scheduling. Maplewood continues to rely on the exceptional sales and marketing capabilities of Pharmacy OneSource, depending on their solid reputation within the pharmacy market as the go-to provider for cloud-based solution for pharmacy operations.

“Wolters Kluwer Pharmacy OneSource has enjoyed a long, successful partnership with Maplewood. We are pleased with the commitment and focus Maplewood delivers to staff scheduling, enabling our customers to have a solution so well-suited to address the unique challenges of hospital pharmacy operations. We value the relationship we have with Maplewood and their product remains an important part of our portfolio.”
— Karen Kobelski
Vice President
Client Services Pharmacy OneSource