We build solutions

Maplewood has spent twenty years developing custom software and has created something more significant than a roster of great products. We’ve built a platform for realizing fully actuated business solutions. This platform is built on a foundation of:

  • Hundreds of successful business relationships
  • Millions of lines of proprietary, reusable software code
  • Business and development best practices
  • Renewed passion for company and product formation

The world’s business problems aren’t going away, and if anything are only growing more complex. Maplewood is uniquely poised to quickly respond to ongoing workplace challenges with elegant solutions, produced and delivered quickly by highly-skilled teams.

We only develop products for the needs that we find the most compelling, interesting and complimentary to our code base.

As Maplewood moves past our twenty-year mark, there is a renewed commitment to move ahead into new markets and bring software elegance to the customers most in need.

Pharmacy OneSource and Maplewood

From 2002 through 2006, Maplewood developed and delivered the first web-based staff scheduling software application that was specific to the pharmacy market. Pharmacy OneSource was and continues to be a dominant cloud-based solution provider in the pharmacy market.



StaffReady is an automated, web-based competency assessment tool. We worked with over 100 lab experts to develop a uniquely simple interface that allows labs to centralize, automate and customize all competency assessment procedures.