Why You Should Work Here

1. Meaningful Achievement

Maplewood researches solutions, which means each developer has a chance to investigate new technologies as well as continue to build on the proven technologies currently in use. There is very little political overhead in technical decisions, because Maplewood exists as a technical company. At large companies, a developer is assigned a very small piece of a small part of the overall applications. At Maplewood, most everyone works on most everything; every developer makes significant contributions. When our customers praise the work we accomplished, which they frequently do, you can know you were a part of it all.

2. Financial Benefits

  • Matching Simple IRA
  • Health Care Plans, Dental
  • Career development and learning; Conferences
  • Flexible Leave Options

3. Serious Technology

We take our technology seriously and don’t shy away from the difficult problems. Our results stand for themselves:

Security, White Hat hacking

Customers occasionally ask if they can probe our services for security issues, not just generic test tools, but manual White Hat hacking. Our standard policy is anyone can test at any time. One large multinational corporation has a team dedicated to finding security holes in any software they use. They came back to us with this comment:

“We had to check our results twice. Even though we regularly work with the largest consulting companies in the world, we have never seen as secure a software product as this one.”


The standard industry advice is to use stored procedure code as little as possible, because it is more difficult to code and harder to maintain. As our CTO says,

“Maplewood isn’t afraid of database code; we code on the platform that makes the most sense from a technological perspective.”

As a result, we have about equal functionality between database code and Java code. It is true database code is more difficult, but it means better products and service.


We have customers all over the world, so we have to provide services all the time. When a huge 100 year storm hit the region and 70% of all electrical power was down, we utilized our custom fail over system and kept our services running nearly continuously through the storm and aftermath. Four out of approximately 15,000 noticed our hiccup. Room for improvement.